Socks For Disaster Relief - Stripes

Type: Pair
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These socks feature a brazen citronella and charcoal stripe as a tip of the hat to one the most prominent international poverty fighting organisations in the world, Oxfam. These socks support disaster relief around the world by supplying water kits, mosquito nets and hygiene sets to those most vulnerable in the time of greatest need. Oxfam is a global movement of people working together to end the injustice of poverty. With 70 years of experience in more than 90 countries, Oxfam takes on the big issues that keep people poor: inequality, discrimination, and unequal access to resources including food, water, and land.

This particular sock is perfectly and handsomely designed on the outside and, more importantly, on the inside: never a hanging thread or elastic to catch on a toenail. And these socks become more comfortable after several washings. Thank you, Conscious Step Team, for an excellent product that supports a host of worthy causes.

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